WA Rock Lobster Festival

The Western Rock Lobster Industry is an intrinsic part of the economic and social fabric of many coastal communities in WA

In 2019 Project3 was contracted by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to undertake an Options Assessment into the potential for a Western Australian Rock Lobster Festival. The report was to identify, engage and consult key stakeholders, research potential venues and operational considerations, scope potential funding and commercial opportunities and propose unique and engaging programming concepts.

Development of the report was assisted by Project3’s relationships with key stakeholders, detailed knowledge and awareness of the Western Australian events industry and experience in working with local and state government departments to achieve desired outcomes. The final report was presented to the Minister for Fisheries and key stakeholders with the view to informing the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s ongoing consultation with the Rock Lobster Industry.


“Thanks again for your work on the Lobster festival report and for the spontaneous presentation last week.
It’s a quality report and I have appreciated your patience in dealing with our many requests.”

Brett Bylsma,
Principal Project Manager, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

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